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We are fully aware of the trust you place in us and are committed to protect your data's confidentiality.

To this end, you are informed of the data that is collected when you use our products and services. We tell you how this information will be useful to us and how it will improve the services we offer.

Whenever we collect personal data from you, we will explain hot this data is used to provide you with a better service.

Your personal datas are used as follows:

  • your email address given at registration, in order to communicate with you.
  • your telephone contact, in order to make it available to other members wishing to contact you
  • your geographical address, in order to locate your ad on the map
  • your first and last name, in order to identify your ad to other members
  • your age, in order to check that it respects the legal minimums

We're fully committed to:

  • use your information only in order to provide you with relevant and useful services
  • comply with the most stringent privacy standards and practices
  • manage the information we hold responsibly
  • allow you to, at any time, request the deletion of your data

If you want to delete your user data, just :

  • log in to your personal account
  • go to the "my account" tab
  • click on "delete your account".

Your account will then be deleted from the platform.

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