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Babysitting, Garde régulière ou périscolaire, Nounou à domicile, Au pair (infos)

Kateryna, au pair - 1000 Lausanne

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Dear family, im Kateryna, Swiss and Ukrainian.

I'm an outgoing, compassionate, hardworking, and open-minded college graduate looking for a nice family with with lovely children! I am the happiest when I'm engaged with others, traveling the world, and immersing myself into other cultures... I look forward to spending future days with you. I am fluent in German, have a good knowledge of English and a basic knowledge of Italian and French. I would like to improve my English skills at all.

I have worked with kids for the past ten years, I started babysitting when I was thirteen years old and I work well with any age children. I have worked as nanny before in 2009 with a family of two small children in Germany (twins, boy and girl from the ages of 3, 5). I was au pair in Zurich Switzerland in family with a newborn boy for a year. I watched him overnight and do all of the feeding and bathing. And I am working part-time (1 day per week) as babysitter too in family of a 2 year old very active fun little girl and 4-month-old baby now. We have a ton of fun together! As a Nanny before I took care of the children, occasionally cooked for them, look after them when they were ill, played with them, learned to see the positive and enjoying life, and did light housework around the house. I always enjoyed preparing games as well as some educational activities for them and then I love watching their happy faces.

I’d love to be a positive influence in your child’s life by teaching them good values and guiding them through great experiences.

I look forward to meeting you! With love, Kateryna

Hallo liebe Familie,

Suchen Sie eine Erfahrene, Vertrauensvolle, Zuverlässige Kinderbetreuerin für das Wohlbefinden der Kinder und Familie?


Mini Curriculum Vitae

Services proposés Babysitting
Garde régulière ou périscolaire
Nounou à domicile
Au pair
Formation Formation aux Premiers Secours
Expérience Experience professionnelle, plus de 5 ans.
A déjà gardé des enfants de moins de 6 mois
6 mois à 1 an
1 à 3 ans
3 à 6 ans
plus de 6 ans
Langues parlées Français (débutant)
Anglais (courant)
Allemand (bilingue)
Russe (langue maternelle)
Services supplémentaires Aide aux devoirs : Oui, niveau primaire
Cuisine pour les enfants : Avec plaisir, les bons petits plats ça me connait !
Aide au ménage / repassage : Avec plaisir, je suis une fée du logis !


Kateryna peut vous fournir sur demande les coordonnées d'anciens employeurs qui la recommandent.

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33 ans
Kateryna, au pair - 1000 Lausanne


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Babysitting ponctuel
CHF 23.00
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Garde régulière ou périscolaire
Nounou à domicile

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