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Babysitting, Garde régulière ou périscolaire, Nounou à domicile, Maman de jour (infos)

Romina, maman de jour - 8800 Thalwil

Les plus de Romina


Dear families,

I am Romina, 25 years old from Romania. I graduated from the German High School in Satu Mare, Romania (with a German certificate - Sprachdiplom B2), and at the University I studied Chinese - English language and literature (HSK4 Certificate). Currently studying International Trade and Tourism at Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, long distance courses. I have to return to my country, for 3 weekends twice a year, to pass my exams. I am in Thalwil now (Switzerland) and I am available to work a few hours a week / babysitting or a full-time position. I am not an AuPair. Traveling with the family is not a problem, as I have experienced it.

I speak 5 languages pretty well. I worked 3 years in China (Sept 2011-June 2014) as a private English teacher (TEFL Certificated) and kindergarten teacher. I also worked more than 1 year in Switzerland as a nanny / and I am still here for a few more months, possibly longer, depends... Currently I am an online English teacher on Wordoor.

Cooking healthy meals, using the internet and other programs - shouldn't be a problem. Same with LIGHT housekeeping, tidying up toys, putting away dishes, vacuuming, etc
Shopping, maybe a few things from time to time, like milk, or bread, fruits, etc
PS: I don't work for ROMANIAN families.

I love children, traveling (England, China, Hong, Kong, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Mexico, Spain), music, cooking, writing, teaching, drawing, learning new languages, working out, reading and spending time with my family and friends.

In the future, I would like to take the Montessori Course and the Spanish (DELE) Certificate. Graduate from Univeristy, releasing my poetry book and travel as much as I can.

I consider myself to be a very positive, optimistic and active person. I love life and everything that it has to offer. I believe in the importance of education and one day I hope to own my own kindergarten. I consider myself to be very lucky for being alive, healthy and for finding my path in this life - helping children - educate them and try my best to be a good life model for them.

Mini Curriculum Vitae

Services proposés Babysitting
Garde régulière ou périscolaire
Nounou à domicile
Maman de jour
Expérience Experience professionnelle, plus de 5 ans.
A déjà gardé des enfants de moins de 6 mois
6 mois à 1 an
1 à 3 ans
3 à 6 ans
plus de 6 ans
Langues parlées Anglais (bilingue)
Chinois (lu, écrit, parlé)
Allemand (lu, écrit, parlé)
Espagnol (lu, écrit, parlé)
Services supplémentaires Aide aux devoirs : Oui, niveau primaire et collège
Cuisine pour les enfants : Oui, je peux
Aide au ménage / repassage : Oui, je peux


Romina peut vous fournir sur demande les coordonnées d'anciens employeurs qui la recommandent.


29 ans
Romina, maman jour - 8800 Thalwil


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CHF 20.00
de l'heure
Babysitting ponctuel
CHF 20.60
de l'heure
Garde régulière ou périscolaire
CHF 21.50
de l'heure
Nounou à domicile
CHF 19.90
de l'heure
Maman de jour

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