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Babysitting, Garde régulière ou périscolaire, Nounou à domicile, Maman de jour (infos)

Marisa, maman de jour à Steinhausen

Les plus de Marisa


Dear Parents,

My name is Marisa and I live in Steinhausen, ZG. My experience includes six years of teaching and one as Au pair (in Switzerland), this mean that I have experience with childrecn aged between five and eighteen years.
I'm a reliable person, energetic but the same time, patient. Another strong point is my creativity, us you'll see in the reference letter, my employer cites that “Marisa has very strong artistic skills being her music skills, her love to hair braiding, storytelling, photography ang theatre. (…) given that our daughters love music, learn new theatre roles, handcrafting etc...”. According to my last emplyer I am very diligent, organized person, fully engaged to do and done in time all my duties with very high-quality standard.
I love work and connect with children and this are the strongest reason that I choose this job. Also, I believe that I have so much to learn about their minds.
My duties:
Support family in household (cleaning, laundry, ironing), cooking and home organization.
Support or care of kids following activities during separate time of the day. These activities may be one or several of the following: waking-up, dressing, breakfast preparation, accompany to school, organizing kids room. Pick-up kids to school, prepare and eat lunch together with kids, bring back to school. Accompany children in their extra - curricular activities.

More information:
I have a graduate degree in music and I have always ventured into other areas. I was never afraid to take risks and above all, to work hard.However, my motivation is as intrinsic as possible. Over the past seven years, I have developed skills and achievements on a personal level, only achievable by the exercise in parallel to professional activities. Throughout this period, I have reflected on my performance and personal strengths and achieve new objectives.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards.

Mini Curriculum Vitae

Services proposés Babysitting
Garde régulière ou périscolaire
Nounou à domicile
Maman de jour
Expérience Experience professionnelle, 2 à 5 ans.
A déjà gardé des enfants de 1 à 3 ans
3 à 6 ans
plus de 6 ans
Langues parlées Portugais (langue maternelle)
Anglais (lu, écrit, parlé)
Services supplémentaires Aide aux devoirs : Oui, niveau primaire
Cuisine pour les enfants : Oui, je peux
Aide au ménage / repassage : Non, je ne préfère pas


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