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Maman de jour à Olten 4600

Bezirk Olten, les principales villes

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Maman de jour Wangen b Olten
Francesca, maman jour Olten

Ciao, sono Francesca ho 26 anni frequento il corso di infermieristica; adoro i bambini, mi sono sempre presa cura di loro. Faccio la baby sitter da quasi 10 anni in molte famiglie sia per periodi interi che per sole serate o weekend. Sono disponibile a prove o brevi periodi. Riesco a cucinare bene e sarei disponibile anche per pulizie domestiche.

My name is Jessan Lagria , 27 years old. I finished my Bachelors Degree in Nursing in the Philippines last 2010. I can speak and understand a little High German. I have an extensive experience in working with children in professional capacity. My experience includes nurseries, babysitting and also teaching on private basis. I am multi-skilled and happy to teach children. I am also happy to tidy up and cook for them. I have a friendly and approachable approach but I tend to keep my a...

Ich liebe kinder über alles

Am 37 year old and I have two kids but they stay in Africa, the are 12 and 7 years old, I understand a little bit dusch and i speak good English.