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Appenzell I.Rh. : Chouette, des babysitters sont disponibles !

Appenzell I.Rh., principales villes :

Babysitter Oberegg
Babysitter HaslenAI
Babysitter Weissbad
Babysitter Schwende
Babysitter Wasserauen
Babysitter Brülisau
Babysitter Gontenbad
Babysitter Jakobsbad
Babysitter Büriswilen
Babysitter AppenzellEnggenhütten
Elisa, garde périscolaire Schwende

Hi, I'm Elisa, I'm 19 and I'm Italian but I'm currently living in Appenzell. I am qualified in the catering sector. I would like to stay in touch with children even if I do not speak German. I am very helpful and willing. I hope you can...
Lorena, baby-sitter Appenzell

Il mio nome è Lorena! Guardo per ore e cura dei figli o full-time! Posso cucinare tutto!